Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Rollcall 3:15pm, Start 3:30pm, Finish 4:30pm, Students are to be picked up by 4:45pm
Available for Grade 4 to Grade 12 Students.
See below for more information regarding dates, activities and staff in charge. Positions are accepted on first in, first served basis. Places are limited in each activity. Activities will be cancelled if minimum numbers are not reached. The Uniform to wear is the normal School PE uniform.
Starting week 2 of each Term.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

A testimonial from a St Luke's parent regarding Joshua Furby and ASA Fitness training

Re:  Before and After School Activity - Fitness and Circuit with Joshua Furby

I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to the school for their support of this positive initiative. 

Our daughter Jaymee, took up this opportunity at the beginning of the year by attending the offered sessions, 3 mornings per week and when available the afternoon sessions too.  She has continued with this program all year.

Joshua has set realistic goals and challenges for Jaymee throughout the year which has complimented her other training schedules.  He has also taken into consideration her competitive events and educated and supported her with appropriate programs pre and post these events.

Jaymee has had a very successful year in sport and this has been largely contributed to the support and training that she has received from Joshua.  Not only has this benefited her physically, but has also strengthen her psychologically.  This program has also increased Jaymee's overall confidence. 

Joshua's willingness to accommodate Jaymee's ongoing training over the Christmas period is very much appreciated with providing a program for her that will ensure she maintains the high level of fitness she has gained. 

It would be exceptional for this program to run again during 2016 as Jaymee is already discussing her continuation of support for it.

Amanda and Andrew Ericson

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