Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Rollcall 3:15pm, Start 3:30pm, Finish 4:30pm, Students are to be picked up by 4:45pm
Available for Grade 4 to Grade 12 Students.
See below for more information regarding dates, activities and staff in charge. Positions are accepted on first in, first served basis. Places are limited in each activity. Activities will be cancelled if minimum numbers are not reached. The Uniform to wear is the normal School PE uniform.
Starting week 2 of each Term.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

A Thank you message from a Parent about ASA

Many thanks Mr Robinson for the excellent running training being provided as an after schools activity for the children in years 4-12 under the enthusiastic care of Mr Dwayne McKay.
My children enjoy any opportunity to engage in sporting activity and-  having a natural love for running- we were keen to sign up for sprint training with Dwayne. We have certainly not been disappointed as their skills have noticeably improved and as a fitness mentor Dwayne has inspired them to do their best but be sensible about how they train.The fact that the activity takes place at school makes it a perfect choice for us and I hope that this and the other activities on offer will be able to continue into the future. We have enjoyed the sports blog with its up to date commentary on the sporting life of the school, for following up results and checking dates and times of fixtures. Thank you for all the work that goes into that.
Regards and best wishes 
Deborah Thomas