Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Rollcall 3:15pm, Start 3:30pm, Finish 4:30pm, Students are to be picked up by 4:45pm
Available for Grade 4 to Grade 12 Students.
See below for more information regarding dates, activities and staff in charge. Positions are accepted on first in, first served basis. Places are limited in each activity. Activities will be cancelled if minimum numbers are not reached. The Uniform to wear is the normal School PE uniform.
Starting week 2 of each Term.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Term 3 After School Activities ..starts week 2 of term 3.

Monday is Weight training/ circuit training in School Gym.
Tuesday is Athletics, Sprint training/long and middle distance running on back oval track
Tuesdays is also Tae Kwon Do on MPC stage (and MPC area Grass if preferred)
Thursdays is Dance in Performing Arts Centre
Friday is Weight training/ circuit training in School Gym.

The TERM 3 sign up google form will be ready soon...

keep checking this site....



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